TCI   Scales

Electronic Load Monitoring and Weighing Systems

For over twenty-five years TCI Scales (formerly Tri-Coastal Industries) has had a commitment to provide its customers with consistent quality and service.

Originally servicing the oil field industry, TCI has expanded its market to a broad range of industries world wide. TCI's commitment has played a key roll in our expansion. We currently manufacture the following product classifications:

Crane and hanging scales:

Our scales range in capacity from 50 pounds to 100,000 pounds operating from rechargeable or disposable batteries. Featuring our waterproof and corrosion resistant heavy duty stainless steel housed OK D-6, designed and manufactured exclusively for harsh environments such as the commercial fishing industry.

Crane load monitoring systems:

The systems include boom angle sensors, overload alarms, anti-two block systems and weight indication systems utilizing tension load cells moving line tensiometers, or pin load cells.

Lift truck systems:

These systems utilize electronic pressure transducers and electronic weight indicators with load totalizing and automatic display freeze.

Platform scales

We manufacture platform scales for shipping, warehouse (up to 40,000 lb.), health (personal weight scales), medical diagnosis applications and animal, including Llama and Alpaca scales

Truck scales:

Lightweight and portable to large and heavy duty. Electronic truck axle scales and wheelweighers from 10.000 lb to 60,000 lb capacity.

Load cells:

Load cells in production include compression cells with capacities to 4,000,000 pounds and tension cells up to 1,400,000 pounds. Also included are single and double end shear beam, bending beam, shear web, single point, tension link cells and pin load cells.

Pin Load cells:

Tri-Coastal Industries are experts at manufacturing pin load cells. over the years, we have built many custom, “built to order” pin load cells, from as little as fifty pounds to over a million pounds, producing accurate, reliability in harsh marine & industrial environments . Load pins replace an existing shear pin in a machine or overhead crane. We design the new load pin to measure the shear force at any given point in time. Perfect for safety applications as well as load monitoring. Wired or wireless systems available!

Our business is to sell weight monitoring equipment and to serve you, the customer. The ideal transaction would involve both, but if we can't meet your requirements for a scale or load cell we would still like to help you find the right product. A good place to start is Netweigh. They have an extensive online catalog featuring products from many manufacturers.

TCI Scales are sold worldwide.

We gladly accept Visa and Mastercard.