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Electronic Load Monitoring and Weighing Systems

Forklift Systems

LT-502 Forklift System:

We at Tri Coastal are pleased to introduce the LT-502 lift truck system! This wireless system installs in minutes with no mechanic needed, is highly accurate and built to withstand the rigors a forklift can dish out! Simply remove your old forks install the new censor forks mount the transponder box and remote and you are ready to weigh!

  • Wireless for freedom of raising the lift
  • Tare
  • Zero
  • Tare
  • Accumulate Totals
  • Print
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • No need to wire to the truck
  • Checkweighers
  • Crane and Hanging Scales
  • Load Monitoring Systems
  • Truck Scales
  • Lift Truck Scales
  • Platform and Health Scales
  • Indicators
  • Forklift Systems
  • Load Cells
  • Pin Load Cells

  • TCI Scales are sold worldwide.

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